Community Outreach & Impact

We Work To

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    Leverage housing as a stepstone to stability

    Through our services, resources, and programs, we help residents extend their success outside the four walls of their home. By overcoming systematic barriers, most often rooted in levels of oppression, residents can gain more stability and upward mobility.

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    Facilitate community programs and uplift community resources

    We link residents to services and programs within their communities that support working families in achieving their goals.

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    Collaborate with residents

    We believe it is paramount to incorporate resident feedback into community engagement efforts, property operations, and the planning and implementation of services.

Our Community Outreach and Impact (COI) team is dedicated to resident success. We believe that all people deserve affordable housing and that integrated, onsite services provide accessible support to our residents. Throughout our work, we uphold the following values:

  • Community Building
  • Resident Leadership
  • Racial Justice

Central to these values are the onsite programming and case management of our Resident Service Coordinators who get to know residents and the community, develop a roster of the best local services, and recognize opportunities and problems as they arise. They also coordinate with community managers to make sure the services are genuinely contributing to the quality of the development and the community. 

CORES Certification

NHT is a CORES certified organization, recognized for providing dedicated quality resident services 


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    Stable Housing

    We identify tenants who are more likely to miss a rent check and help them develop an action plan before they fall behind.

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    Resident Leadership

    We arrange resident leadership workshops, assist tenant associations, and support community gatherings to help residents guide the well-being and improvement of their property and the wider community.

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    Digital Equity and Inclusion

    We offer a Device Loan Program to assist digital access, connect residents with literacy resources, and advocate for increased availability of quality, affordable broadband infrastructure.

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    Health & Wellness

    We ensure onsite access to fresh and nonperishable food, along with wellness workshops and physical activity opportunities for all ages.  We work with residents to make sure they're getting the food and activities that are right for them. We never want any resident to need to choose between their basic needs and their physical or mental well-being.

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    Community Cohesion

    We provide programs and partnerships that help develop a stronger sense of community. These strengthen active engagement within tenant associations, support violence interruption, provide regularly scheduled community meetings, and highlight civic engagement activities.

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    Youth Development & Education

    We develop long-term mentoring relationships with young residents and their parents to help guide them through school, careers, or college. We connect residents with activities and experiences that develop social, ethical, emotional, physical, and cognitive competencies while incorporating parents and guardians into the learning and development environment.

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    Financial Stability & Wellness

    Households involved with NHT have shown increased financial well-being, meeting markers like being able to afford necessities and to withstand a $400 emergency.

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