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We want everyone everywhere to be proud of where they live.

That starts with home. The US faces a shortage of nearly 7 million homes accessible to lower-income

And we’re losing the few lower-income homes we have already to age, climate disasters, and expiring regulations. Without an immediate, coordinated effort to preserve existing homes and build new ones, more families will be trapped in poverty and instability.

National Housing Trust offers solutions

Our team of passionate experts and advocates brings resident services, lending, policy, energy solutions, and development under one roof to make real change possible for the people we serve.

  • $57M+ Invested in affordable housing development & preservation
  • Reduced emissions by 330,946 Metric Tons
  • Almost 4,000 Multifamily Housing Units in Our Portfolio

What We Do

Our mission is to create and preserve affordable homes to provide opportunity, advance racial equity, reduce economic disparities and strengthen community resilience through practice and policy.

What We Work For

Our vision is for all people to have affordable, safe, and sustainable homes that allow them to thrive unburdened by the harmful effects of climate change, racism, and systemic barriers to opportunity.

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    We secure healthy, stable, efficient homes so that all people have adequate resources for other essential needs.

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    Leveraging affordable housing to reduce barriers so people can flourish regardless of race, socioeconomic status, or identity.

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    We create opportunities for all people to equitably benefit from the health, economic, and climate benefits of resilient and sustainable affordable homes.

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    Racial Equity

    We're disrupting racial barriers and work to repair and prevent racially disparate outcomes in housing and within our organization.

How We Do It

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    Preservation & Development

    We're adding new affordable housing and ensuring existing housing doesn't slip away.

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    We provide creative capital to get projects off the ground and over the finish line.

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    Energy Solutions

    We're creating cheaper, cleaner energy for our residents and for people who live in affordable housing across the country.

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    Community Outreach & Impact

    We provide services and nurture relationships to help residents build stability and community.

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    Policy Innovation

    We identify and help implement policy solutions to advance more sustainable, equitable and affordable housing.

Amazon Homeownership Initiative

NHT is partnering with the Amazon Housing Equity Fund and Grounded Solutions Network to pilot a program that supports affordable homeownership through $40 million in grants and loans for organizational and project level support. NHT aims to create and preserve approximately 800 homeownership opportunities for households earning at or below 120% of the area median income.

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