IRA Bootcamps

With generous support from the Wells Fargo Foundation, NHT hosted the 2023 Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Bootcamp series. The Bootcamp built the capacity of state housing agencies, developers, and housing owners to leverage IRA funding to preserve and improve affordable housing. 

Passed in 2022, the IRA makes upwards of $25 billion available to invest in the energy efficiency and climate resiliency of low-income housing. Session recordings and additional resources from NHT’s Bootcamp sessions are available below.

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IRA Toolkit

We also provide and regularly update the IRA Toolkit, which includes program trackers, case studies, resource guides, and more. The Toolkit helps state agencies and housing providers navigate and access IRA programs to support more sustainable affordable housing. 

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Session Tracks

HFA Session Resources

5/24/2023: Kickoff

6/21/2023: GRRP and Bonus Tax Credit

7/19/2023: DOE Home Energy Rebates

8/2/2023: EPA Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund

9/13/2023: Clean Energy Tax Credits

9/27/2023: Sustainability Trends in QAPs and how to Leverage IRA Funding

10/25/2023: Engaging and Centering Residents

11/8/2023: Benchmarking and Data Collection

11/29/2023: Integrating IRA Funding with HFA Programs

12/13/2023: DOE Home Energy Rebates pt. 2

Owner & Developer Session Resources

6/8/2023: Kickoff

6/29/2023: Lessons Learned from Past Initiatives

7/18/2023: Electrification, Decarbonization, and Energy Efficiency

7/27/2023: Resiliency and Solar Opportunities in Affordable Housing

9/13/2023: Clean Energy Tax Credits

10/25/2023: Engaging and Centering Residents

11/8/2023: Benchmarking and Data Collection

12/7/2023: Leveraging IRA Funding 

5/1/2024: Latest on IRA and More! 


NHT will implement this free program in close partnership with program staff and leaders from the National Council of State Housing Agencies (NCSHA) and technical experts and practitioners from both the affordable housing development and lending communities.


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